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Queenies Roadhouse Cafe, 6061 South Highway 1, Elk, CA 95432 (707) 877-3285 Thursday thru Monday 8am to 3pm
Directions: How to get to Queenies Roadhouse Cafe
Queenies Roadhouse Cafe is located on the scenic Northern California coast in the village of Elk just a three hour drive from the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. Visitors can take Highway 101 or State Route 1 north from San Francisco or the same two highways south from the Eureka area, Oregon, Washington, and Canada. Visitors coming from the east can take Highway 20 from Sacramento.
Visitors can travel up and down the state in Interstate 5 or use US Highway 101. Both highways start in Southern California new Los Angeles. Interstate 80 enters the state from Nevada to the east.
Queenies Roadhouse Cafe is located on the south end of the Village of Elk at Mile Marker 34.0 on scenic State Route 1 that runs through the center of town. Even though the "greater Elk area" only has a permanent population of around 350, it is so scenic that it contains places to stay and things to do way out of proportion to it's size. Designated to become part of the California Coastal Monument, Elk's coast contains Greenwood State Beach with bluff trails and a generous sandy beach.